CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 20 San Diego East Region Adult Education

Status: Certified

CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 Produced: Jun 13, 2019, 2:53 PM UTC Sue Rearic

20 San Diego East Region Adult Education

Allocation Amendment Summary

Fiscal Declaration

The Fiscal Declaration information in this section has been provided as a courtesy. It has not been changed since CFAD has been approved by the Member Representatives.

Consortium Name
20 San Diego East Region Adult Education
Funding Channel
Fiscal Agent
Fiscal Agent
Not Selected
This allocation schedule is based on continuing the current [FY 18/19] consortium-level work. The schedule was agreed upon by the consortium members through a formal consortium vote and is in accordance with the Consortium Plan. Major projects include the development of additional IET classes; further alignment of ASE classes with English and math classes and CTE classes with Career Education at both colleges; introduction of two student success support modules (digital literacy; work readiness) at Grossmont Adult Education; full implementation of a retention and success platform; introduction of additional peer mentors; a deeper review of existing assessment tools; and the integration of videos and personalized support into high-touch on-boarding. Per agreement, the Foundation of GCCCD (fiscal agent) will hold $ 623,151 for program growth (COLA allocations 18/19 and 19/20) for the judicious realization and implementation of the identified special projects (construction and implementation of a student success center; tailored job development in partnership with the East County Chamber of Commerce; program expansion at MEUSD).
Based on a survey assessing the needs of the three tribal communities within MEUSD s boundaries and per discussion and agreement among consortium members, East Region Adult Education will allocate the additional amount of $ 50,000 toward design and implementation of a HSD/HSE class and a CTE class leading to certification.

Amended Member Allocations for 2019-20

Member Agency Amended Allocation Adjustment Made
Grossmont Union High $7,051,247
Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD $1,363,899 -$16,410
Mountain Empire Unified $58,267
Total Allocated to Members $8,473,413
Total CAEP Funds $8,473,413
Total Remaining (Must be $0) $0


Grossmont Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Robyn Wiggins


Mountain Empire Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Dr. Kathy Granger


Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Sue Rearic