CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 39 Palo Verde River Consortium

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CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 Produced: May 30, 2019, 7:22 PM UTC Lale Cilenti

39 Palo Verde River Consortium

Allocation Amendment Summary

Fiscal Declaration

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Consortium Name
39 Palo Verde River Consortium
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Following is an overview of the relationship between past, current and projected allocations and the current and evolving three-year action plan. Both geographic constraints and workforce needs and opportunities remain unchanged from the 2017-19 Three-Year Plan. Anchored by the communities of Blythe and Needles, the consortium consists of three members: Palo Verde College District and Palo Verde and Needles Unified School Districts. Active partners include the Fort Mohave and Chemehuevi Indian Tribes. Evolving partners include Progressive Farmers Association, City of Blythe, City of Needles, The Vertical Companies, Epic, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and San Bernardino and Riverside Regional Workforce Boards. Regional economic development is static. The region suffers from talent drain due to limited workforce opportunities. Retail is impacted by negative growth while agriculture continues to thrive with indications of near-term significant workforce opportunities from evolving cannabis investments in both Needles and Blythe. Nearby prison employment opportunities are capped with no indications of growth. Palo Verde College is the only adult education/workforce provider in the consortium. However, the consortium has launched and funded projects designed to benefit parents and at-risk 18 year olds associated with both Palo Verde and Needles Unified School Districts. Similar relationships and projects are developing with both the Fort Mohave and Chemehuevi Tribal Nations, regional farmworkers and adults with disabilities. As described in the current three-year plan, the consortium s commitment to expansion of adult education programs is constrained only by regional capacity and allocations. 2017 consortium allocation was $773K enhanced by tactical leverages. The plan focused on scalable pilots, and to that end, during the plan s three-year period, pilots were begun and scaled in the following areas: Career Cruising, electronic career portfolios in English and Spanish Expansion of Basic Skills, ESL and Citizenship classes Beginning GED preparation and testing in English and Spanish Auto, Construction and Welding CTE classes Partnership with Needles USD Parent Education to enhance K-12 student achievement WIOA 2 Grant Given the gradual increase in allocations ($773K to $834K), and given additional leveraging opportunities, pilot project development for the evolving three-year plan includes the following areas: Health Career Pathways, including Health Informatics Agricultural Pathways including cannabis careers Culinary Pathways ESL satellite locations Expansion of Parent Programs Adults with Disabilities Feasibility Study Reader-friendly measurement of outcomes The challenges facing the River Consortium extend beyond adult education and job training and require planning, capacity, resources and tools partially funded by the California Adult Education Program and partially funded by strategic use of leveraged resources: Economic development and employment opportunities Marketing and communications Tracking, assessment and analytics Leveraging resources Resident retention On-the-job training Adult education/workforce resources have allowed this consortium to expand, improve and create programs designed to impact regional/global employability for adults within our consortium boundaries. Our biggest challenge continues to be driven by economic growth and employment opportunities.
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Amended Member Allocations for 2019-20

Member Agency Amended Allocation Adjustment Made
Palo Verde CCD $832,637 -$1,613
Total Allocated to Members $832,637
Total CAEP Funds $832,637
Total Remaining (Must be $0) $0


Palo Verde CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Ms. Lale Cilenti M.S.


Palo Verde Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Ms. Lale Cilenti M.S.


Needles Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Ms. Lale Cilenti M.S.