CAEP Consortium Fiscal Administration Declaration: 2019-20 53 Accel San Mateo County

Status: Consortium Approved

California Adult Education Program : CFAD : 2019-20 Produced: May 1, 2019, 4:18 PM UTC Rajan Bechar

53 Accel San Mateo County

Fiscal Declaration - Consortium Approved

Consortium Name
53 Accel San Mateo County
Funding Channel
Direct Funded
ACCEL San Mateo County Consortium adult education and community college members continue to make progress towards the achievement of its annual and strategic 3-year plan. As the Consortium has transitioned from its start-up phase of the California Adult Education Program, they have focused on delivering high quality adult education programs and accelerating student success to college, employment, and/or community. As a tool to further assist in the achievement of its goals, the Consortium established workgroups arising out of its steering committee. The workgroups focused on developing tools and promising practice guidelines to support the integration and contextualization of basic skills and career pathways, as well as fostering collaboration between ESL, ABE/ASE and CTE faculty. The workgroups are also engaged in research, development, and implementation of best practices for student learning, acceleration, and career assessment for both English language learners and ABE/ASE students. The Consortium has developed and implemented programs and workshops to address three facets of the Immigrant Integration Framework: health, community/civic engagement and financial literacy. The San Mateo Adult School and the College of San Mateo developed an assessment process allowing students to bypass the college placement test and be placed in college classes based upon test scores from the adult school. Establishing strong relationships and working closely with the member College Workforce Development Directors, and Strong Workforce Regional Deputy Sector Navigators, the consortium has identified in-demand jobs within the San Mateo County Region and has launched short term CTE certificate courses including externships to meet employer demand, lead to gainful employment with upward mobility, and stackable certification for continual life-long learning and skill attainment. CTE course offerings consist of: Medical Billing and Coding, Optometric Assistant, Dental Assisting, Business & Professional Communications, Pharmacy Tech, and Front-End Web Developer, Entrepreneurship, and computers and digital literacy for college and the workplace for low and intermediate English language learners.
On April 18, 2019, the ACCEL San Mateo County Steering Committee met, reviewed, and discussed the 2019-20 CAEP proposed funding allocations for the ACCEL Consortium members and the proposed 3.45% COLA funding. During this meeting, the ACCEL San Mateo County Co-Director proposed a 2.79% increase in COLA funding for each member as opposed to the proposed 3.45% COLA increase. The 2.79% increase would result in a difference of $63,692 in the 2019-20 proposed funding allocations which is needed to sustain the ACCEL Consortium General Fund. The Consortia members were reminded of their agreement to contribute funding to the ACCEL Consortium General Fund which supports the Consortia’s operational and staffing (executive director and ACCEL assistant) expenses. Upon the conclusion of the funding allocation discussions, the ACCEL Steering Committee Members voted to accept the proposed 2019-20 funding allocations, as well as a reduction in the proposed COLA funding from 3.45% to 2.79%, and place the remaining $63,692 in the ACCEL General Fund.

Member Allocations

Member Name (2019-20) (2018-19) (2017-18)
Cabrillo Unified $349,611 $340,122 $326,061
Jefferson Union High $1,491,268 $1,450,791 $1,390,817
San Mateo County CCD $518,507 $504,433 $483,580
San Mateo Union High $4,737,194 $4,546,650 $4,358,694
Sequoia Union High $1,604,388 $1,560,841 $1,496,317
South San Francisco Unified $1,134,218 $1,103,432 $1,057,817
Total Allocated to Members $9,835,186 $9,506,269 $9,113,286
Total CAEP Funds $9,835,186 $9,506,269 $9,113,286
Total Remaining $0 $0 $0


Cabrillo Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Rajan Bechar


Jefferson Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Jefferson Education


San Mateo Co. Office of Education - Member Representative

Approved by Vera Jacobson-Lundeberg


San Mateo County CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Ms. Kelsey Harrison Ms.


San Mateo Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Tim Doyle


Sequoia Union High - Member Representative

  • Lionel de Maine
  • Director, Sequoia Adult School
  • (650) 306-8866
Approved by Lionel de Maine


South San Francisco Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Stephen Redmond