CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2022-23 53 Accel San Mateo County

Status: Certified

CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2022-23 Produced: Aug 22, 2022, 04:39 PM UTC Nereida Angulo

53 Accel San Mateo County

Allocation Amendment Summary

Fiscal Declaration

The Fiscal Declaration information in this section has been provided as a courtesy. It has not been changed since CFAD has been approved by the Member Representatives.

Consortium Name
53 Accel San Mateo County
Funding Channel
Direct Funded
ACCEL San Mateo County continues to make progress toward the achievement of the goals and strategies as set forth in its 3 Year Strategic Plan. ACCEL s consortium members persist in their efforts to anticipate, plan, and adapt to the ever-changing challenging educational environment due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. ACCEL's planned budget allocations for the program year 2022-2023 are aligned with our upcoming three-year plan. ACCEL consortium members are actively engaged in serving our students and remain committed to ensuring equitable access, growth, and successful outcomes for adult education students throughout the region. ACCEL members are continuous improvement driven, committed to excellence in program and curriculum development, as well as working to deliver of high quality education. In 2021-2022, ACCEL s steering committee work group project teams (support services and short term CTE) advanced toward the achievement of strategic goals as outlined in our 3 Year and Annual Plan. The project teams each administered survey questionnaires to students enrolled in ACCEL member adult schools, community colleges, and community-based organizations in the region. The workgroup project teams analyzed the survey data, shared their findings with ACCEL s management team and steering committee, along with their recommendations to advance the work as the consortia works to develop its next 3-year strategic plan. The workgroup project teams continue to focus on developing tools and promising practice guidelines to support and foster collaboration between ESL, ABE/ASE & CTE faculty to increase transitions between programs and post-secondary education. This activity is in alignment with CAEP s shared vision and goals. ACCEL San Mateo County consortium is on track for achieving its goal of developing new CTE programs and collaboration between its adult school and college members. New CTE programs: AWS Cloud Computing Level 2; San Mateo Adult School & College of San Mateo, Dental Assisting Intro Program, LaCosta Adult School & Canada College; Medical Billing & Coding, San Mateo Adult School, Intro to Medical Terminology, San Mateo Adult School, Fork-Lift Certification, South San Francisco Adult School; NETX IT Certification Training, Jefferson Adult School & Skyline College.
On March 10, 2022, ACCEL s Management Team consisting of its adult school directors/principles and community college directors/deans voted to approve the member allocations, as well as an allocation in the amount of $346,174.49 for ACCEL s General Fund. On April 21, 2022, ACCEL s steering committee in their public meeting approved the proposed 2022-23 allocations, including the allocation for ACCEL s general fund. ACCEL s general fund covers the consortium s operating expenses. ACCEL's General Fund covers all consortium expenses such as: salary and benefits for the Consortium's executive director, administrative assistant, and other operating expenses . Operating Expenses include: office supplies, website & website maintenance, Community Pro (database system), Zoom. Please note that the consortium executive director and administrative assistant are employed by San Mateo Adult School. San Mateo Adult serves in an administrative capacity overseeing the ACCEL General Fund, therefore the funds allocated to the general fund in the amount of $346,174.49 has been added to the allocation of the San Mateo Adult School.

Amended Member Allocations for 2022-23

Member AgencyAmended AllocationAdjustment Made
Cabrillo Unified$382,621$4,417
Jefferson Union High$1,632,071$18,839
San Mateo Co. Office of Education$0
San Mateo County CCD$567,464$6,551
San Mateo Union High$5,304,422$61,231
Sequoia Union High$1,755,873$20,269
South San Francisco Unified$1,241,310$14,329
Total Allocated to Members$10,883,761
Total CAEP Funds$10,883,761
Total Remaining (Must be $0) $0

Member Agencies

Member AgencyMember TypeContactPhone
Cabrillo UnifiedUnified School DistrictDrew Gamet(650) 712-7140
Jefferson Union HighHigh School DistrictMark Beshirs(650) 550-7874
San Mateo County CCDDistrictNereida Angulo
San Mateo Union HighHigh School DistrictAngela Taylor(650) 558-2120
Sequoia Union HighHigh School DistrictCindy Dominguez(650) 569-0919
South San Francisco UnifiedUnified School DistrictSeemaa Prasad(650) 827-8455
La Honda-Pescadero UnifiedUnified School Districtn/a
San Mateo Co. Office of EducationCounty Office of Education (COE)Karen Gnusti(650) 455-4327

Certification & Assurances

By clicking "Approve" on the approval cards below, you are certifying the CFAD as well as confirming that you and ALL consortium members agree to the Assurances listed below.


Membership & Decision-Making
  • I certify that any community college district, school district, or county office of education, or any joint powers authority consisting of community college districts, school districts, county offices of education, or a combination of these, located within the boundaries of the adult education region shall be permitted to join the consortium as a member (EC 84905 (a)(b). (See Membership Box above).
  • I certify that only members as described above (and in EC 84905) are allowed to join my consortium as members and participate in decision making and approvals whether in a public meeting, or via the NOVA planning, budgeting & expense reporting system.
  • I certify that as a condition of joining a consortium, as a member, I shall commit to reporting any funds (as described in EC 84916) available to that member for the purposes of education and workforce services for adults and the uses of those funds through the annual Program Area exercise in NOVA for reporting leveraged funds, and instructional hours.
  • I certify that as a member of the consortium my district shall be represented only by an official designated by the governing board of the member (EC 84905 (c)).
  • I certify that as a member of the consortium, I shall participate in any decision made by the consortium (EC 84905 (d)(1)(A)).
  • I certify that all decision made by the consortium and its members is final (EC 84905 (d)(1)(F)).
  • I certify that I will adhere to the consortium rules and procedures and, as agreed upon by the consortium members, to any additional by-laws, charters, etc.
Public Meetings
  • I certify that a proposed decision is considered at an open, properly noticed public meeting of the consortium at which members of the public may comment (EC 84905 (d)(1)(B)).
  • I certify that the consortium has provided the public with adequate notice of a proposed decision and considered any comments submitted by members of the public, and any comments submitted by members of the public have been distributed publicly (EC 84905 (d)(1)(C)).
  • I certify that the consortium has requested comments regarding a proposed decision from other entities located in the adult education region that provide education and workforce services for adults (EC 84905 (d)(1)(D)(i)).
  • I certify that the consortium has requested comments regarding a proposed decision from other entities located in the adult education region that provide education and workforce services for adults (EC 84905 (d)(1)(D)(i)).
  • I certify that the consortium has considered input provided by pupils, teachers employed by local educational agencies, community college faculty, principals, administrators, classified staff, and the local bargaining units of the school districts and community college districts before it makes a decision (EC 84905 (d)(1)(E)).
  • I certify that in addition to the meeting requirements listed in EC 84905, and as agreed upon by the consortium members, that I will follow the public meeting requirements listed in the Ralph M. Brown Act as the Brown Act applies to the governing body of any “local body created by state or federal statute.” (Ed. Code, section 54952.)
Reporting Requirements
  • I certify that I will participate in completing and updating any consortium long range and/or short range planning efforts and/or budget work plans (EC 84906, 84914(a)).
  • I certify that all CAEP expenses have been expended in the CAEP seven program areas, and services provided are consistent with the 3-year plan, the annual plan, and my district’s work plan & budget as submitted in NOVA (EC 84913 (1-7), 84906, 8914(a)).
  • I certify that my expenditures of CAEP funds match the objectives/activities included in the annual plan and the member work plan (EC 84906, 84914(a)).
  • I certify that my expenditures of CAEP funds adhere to the allowable uses of funds as identified in the CAEP Fiscal Management Guide.
  • I certify that I will report student level enrollment data and outcomes as prescribed by the State CAEP Office (EC 84920).
  • I certify that I will share financial expenditure and progress reports with the members of my regional consortium.
  • I certify that I understand that as a member if I do not meet any of these items I have certified, I will be deemed an ineffective member which may result in a loss or reduction of CAEP funding (EC 84914(b)).
  • I certify that all CAEP expenses have been expended only for the education of persons 18 years of age or older (EC 84901(a)).

San Mateo County CCD - Member Representative

  • Dean, Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development
  • (650) 738-7099
Approved by Nereida Angulo

08/22/2022 09:39 AM PDT

San Mateo Co. Office of Education - Member Representative

Approved by Karen Gnusti

08/18/2022 12:44 PM PDT

Cabrillo Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Drew Gamet

08/18/2022 01:58 PM PDT

Jefferson Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Mark Beshirs

08/18/2022 12:27 PM PDT

San Mateo Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Angela Taylor

08/18/2022 12:12 PM PDT

Sequoia Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Tatiana Roganova

08/18/2022 12:22 PM PDT

South San Francisco Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Seemaa Prasad

08/18/2022 12:21 PM PDT