CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 68 West Kern Consortium

Status: Certified

CAEP Allocation Amendment: 2019-20 Produced: Aug 21, 2019, 6:01 PM UTC Scott Meier

68 West Kern Consortium

Allocation Amendment Summary

Fiscal Declaration

The Fiscal Declaration information in this section has been provided as a courtesy. It has not been changed since CFAD has been approved by the Member Representatives.

Consortium Name
68 West Kern Consortium
Funding Channel
Fiscal Agent
Fiscal Agent
Not Selected
As the allocation is being expended by the same entity (West Kern Adult Education Network) as always, the change is only a matter of paperwork. The annual plan has not been changed and is performed by West Kern Adult Education Network in exactly the same way. The planned allocations are consistent with the annual adult education plan which is based on our AEP 3-year plan as follows: 1. Programs in elementary and secondary skills, including those leading to a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. 2. Programs for immigrants in citizenship, ESL, and workforce preparation. 3. Programs for adults, including, but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily related to entry or reentry into the workforce. 4. Programs for adults, including, but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily designed to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and secondary school children to succeed academically in school. 5. Programs for adults with disabilities. 6. Programs in career technical education that are short term in nature with high employment potential. 7. Programs offering pre-apprenticeship training conducted in coordination with one or more apprenticeship programs approved by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards
No Changes

Amended Member Allocations for 2019-20

Member Agency Amended Allocation Adjustment Made
West Kern Adult Education Network Joint Powers Authority $832,637 -$1,613
Total Allocated to Members $832,637
Total CAEP Funds $832,637
Total Remaining (Must be $0) $0


West Kern Adult Education Network Joint Powers Authority - Member Representative

Approved by Kathleen Johnson


Kern Co. Office of Education - Member Representative

Approved by Robert Arias


Taft Union High - Member Representative

Approved by Blanca Cavazos


West Kern CCD - Member Representative

Approved by Deb Daniels


Maricopa Unified - Member Representative

Approved by Scott Meier